What is the Regional Long Range Transportation Plan?

The Regional Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) directs federal and state dollars toward transportation investments we value in our community. It looks out at least 20 years and is updated every five years. It is based on forecasts of future growth, on analysis of existing and future needs for many types of improvements, and on the opinions and feedback of people in the community. Ultimately, it is approved by the SCTPA Board and is reflective of the plans adopted by each of the alliance members.

In recent LRTP updates, the MPOs and TPOs in West Central Florida have focused on:
  • Increasing the transportation choices available in the region;
  • Expanding use of technology & innovative solutions;
  • Balancing development with environmental preservation; and
  • Using performance measures to prioritize investments.

The Regional Long Range Transportation Plan

This Regional Long Range Transportation Plan is one of the SCTPA’s key work products. It identifies transportation improvements that are significant to the region as a whole. Agencies in this region have committed to plan for, design, and construct these improvements over the next two decades, supporting their shared vision.

The regular update of this regional plan coincides and coordinates with Long Range Plan updates in each of the MPOs/TPOs.

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