A subcommittee of the SCTPA, the TMA Leadership Group focuses on the Tampa Bay Transportation Management Area (TMA), which is the tri-county urbanized core of the region. Comprised of three representatives each from the Pinellas, Hillsborough and Pasco County MPO boards, the Tampa Bay TMA Leadership Group meets regularly to develop consensus on regional transportation priorities for the Tampa Bay TMA.


Forward Pinellas

Commissioner Janet Long

Commissioner Dave Eggers

Councilmember David Allbriton

Councilmember Brandi GabbardĀ  (Alternate)

Plan Hillsborough

Commissioner Pat Kemp

Commissioner Kimberly Overman

Councilman John Dingfelder

Pasco MPO

Commissioner Kathryn Starkey

Commissioner Jack Mariano

Councilman Matt Murphy

Commissioner Christina FitzpatrickĀ  (Alternate)



September 14, 2021

    Future Events

    Dec 2021
    10 December 2021

    Transportation Management Area (TMA) Leadership Group Meeting

    The TMA Leadership Group focuses on major cross-county transportation markets and traffic movements, and on helping the region speak with one voice in discussions of regional transportation prioritization issues and financial resources.

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