Planning for Tomorrow

Tampa Bay is growing up. Already among the top 20 most populated regions in the country, the Tampa Bay area is also one of the fastest-growing. Visit any part of the region and you’ll experience growth firsthand. Construction is booming in St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel, Bradenton, and many other areas.

We feel it every day as traffic congestion worsens and commutes get longer. Add another one million people to the area over the next 20 years and it’s easy to see why we need a sustainable plan. The transportation investment decisions we make today will have a direct impact on the future safety, prosperity, health, and happiness of our region’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) and Transportation Planning Organizations (TPOs) are councils of local governments and transportation agencies that come together to plan, prioritize and fund the improvements that will shape our shared future. If you live in an urbanized area in the U.S., there is an MPO or TPO that serves you and your municipality.

Transportation Regional Map

Transportation Planning as a Region

Because transportation doesn’t stop at county lines, the Sun Coast Transportation Planning Alliance (SCTPA) works as a region to prepare plans, studies, and priorities for regionally significant projects, review the impact of significant land-use decisions, share current travel data and trends, and adopt regional transportation plans and priorities for highway, public transportation, and multi-use trail improvements.

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The Sun Coast Transportation Planning Alliance

The Sun Coast Transportation Planning Alliance (SCTPA), formerly known as the MPO Chairs Coordinating Committee, supports local, regional and statewide projects that improve access to transportation opportunities in the West Central Florida region. Through the hard work of this collaborative team of transit and transportation-minded individuals, the SCTPA has been successful in these efforts. As the region stands to see continued growth in to population, economy and travel, the SCTPA will provide sound, forward-thinking transit and transportation options help promote and sustain this growth.

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